20 Nov 2011

Haeinsa Temple

It is Sunday and I did not wanted to spend my time in the dorm. I asked some of my friends to come along with me to visit a temple outside Daegu "Haeinsa Temple".

We left early in the morning from North Gate it was very cold - but I thought it will get warmer during the day. Let see further along if it actually warm up - first we needed to take a bus to the bus terminal this time is from South Terminal. I had read the Daegu Tourism blog  where they advertise a few location to visit outside of Daegu. Only on this way I heard of this temple.

We then token one of the local hourly buses to the temple. It was feeling like a long journey as we been going along the country road. We had plan to arrive and to have some lunch with the monks. When we arrived it was more colder then Daegu. There was ice on some location by the temple, but the view was nice. Few of my friends decided to return back to Daegu, my other friends stayed with me and we had a more detail look around the temple. 

We had a look on the watch and seen it is already lunch time - we shall find out where it takes place. We found a monk who guided us to the cafeteria. We had then some nice lunch but as expected with the monks but by ourselves. I did not knew that Haeinsa Temple is a popular temple to visit. Maybe if I go to smaller the chance is higher to eat with monks. 

After the meal we decided to hike up the nearby mountain - it become a little bit warmer and so we made the way to the top. As higher we gone the more ice we could see. The ladies told us not to go higher, but I looked up the mountain and said we are nearly there lets keep going. Even now there was ice everywhere to be there for two minutes was well worth it. 

We had then make our way back down - but in return I catch a cold it was not a clever idea to hike up a mountain further. I learn over and over again not to challenge the nature - as it is more powerful then myself.

We then had some Korean street food before going back to Daegu as we need to warm up ourself. 

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