28 Nov 2011

Relax in KNU

Today is back to Monday, only one class in the morning - Strategic Management.

After the class I meet up with two of my friends and we gone to eat some lunch at the North Gate. We decided to try something new and it was big rice cakes. They had a variety of choice - we could not make our mind up which to choose so we bought a set of six different rice cake.

After the class we headed back to university as now the final weeks approach and final exams due to start and team work needs to be handed in. It is a very busy starting soon for some of the students. Especially as my friends are now preparing to be them self an exchange in the other universities.

Later in the day I attended the Toastmaster meeting in the KNU - another great way to socialize at the KNU campus during the evening on a Monday. It is always great fun to come to Toastmaster.  

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