18 Nov 2011


(18 - 19th November 2011)

Today we had visit from my professor from the UK and I introduce to her one of my friends who will join us in January. We had a small discussion on my life here in Korea and also I told her my recent journey to N Korean border which for me seemed like yesterday and not Monday. The week has gone so fast in the recent days.

In the afternoon a two day conference has started here in KNU. I joined the innovative session on Friday and been listen to great scholars from Asia on their opinion and research in this field of studies. In the second day the conference was an open one with a mixture of government speakers and academic staff. The speakers come as far from America and Japan. I had the opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture and academic field of studies in Supply Chain Management.

It was a great conference, from which I could learn myself more and think more into detail on what I have learned and experiences so far. It was not just only the conference - but able to observe on how to behave among academics in a Korean environment. 

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