1 Nov 2011


You think I did not go to class? - Wrong. I did go to class.

Yes it was a bit hard, as my feet still been dancing. I manage to survive the day in the university and do all the work great as I always do.

Today was no IVF meeting, a bit good for myself - so I could taken a rest from last night to be totally fresh for the next day.

I have something to add from last night, to fill up this post not to make it look weak. I totally forgot to write that before we gone out I meet up with the KNU Toastmaster. Not many people come so we decided on what kind of action to take to recruit more people to come along to the event. Such as hosting some fun activities on campus with a speech to make people wonder on what is going on. So on Wednesday I will give a speech and invite people with wrong meaning to the place with the title "Fun at the Fountain".  It is fun for those who will enjoy being part of it.

Lets tell me you tomorrow if it had works out.

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