15 Nov 2011

Mexican Restaurant?

I just arrived still into Daegu at 5am in the morning from my trip which you have read before this one. If not go and have a look - so far it is the most read article on my blog. Not sure why, is that because I mention North instant South. 

Anyway I got a bit of sleep before the classes today - but I wishes they would finish as soon as possible. I decided not to go to IVF today instant joined with my friends for a Mexican restaurant experience or Greek? We did not been sure exactly what it has been - but the dishes certainty did not been looking like Mexican food more a mixture of Korean-Mexican. 

I went with my German friend and Korean friends to the restaurant and we had a great time on discussion and I could tell them a little bit of my journey. 

We had very good discussion until we had been asked to leave as the restaurant was about to close. Interesting that actually a restaurant is pleasing people to leave, this is may due that people do not purchases drinks in restaurants so equal no great profit for them if we stay longer. 

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