21 Nov 2011


Today is Monday and most of the exchange student had asked for a leave. Why? Maybe the title gives a clue. We went to the Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Heavy Steel plants today in Ulsan to observe and have a look onto the Korean firms.

It was very amazing to see a car plant - the size and also on how really fast it goes to produce a single car. In the plant it self is probably more people working then the area of Heaton in Newcastle living. Surely it has more hospital then a small town itself and restaurants. The bus service alone to bring people from one place to another. 

If you get the opportunity visit the plant for yourself in Ulsan - also the Heavy Steel plant. The dimension is high - six ships get build simultaneously. 

We had spend around three to four hours in Ulsan to visit both plants. Afterwards we return back to Daegu and I gone to the Toastmaster meeting.

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