7 Dec 2011


In the morning hours I had Strategic Management class. Afterwards I had sorted out my banking and payments. The banking issues here in S Korea are very easy and strict forward. If you want to do a payment, you just need to find an ATM machine and pay through the ATM a business or person. You don't need to fill out documents or stand in a queue. 

I transfer the payment to the host family and then received couple of hours later an email with the full contact details of the family so I could let them know where I will arrive and what time. 

The further along this day, I did a bit of studies and preparation for examination and video conference. Also not to forget my birthday is soon approaching. I try to figure out on what to do - to have two separate parties one with close friends and one with whom I knew. I went one of the restaurant to reserve a table (or big one) and also I given up an order on the food. Later this days I just informed my friends by face to face or text messaging to keep this lunch time free on Friday (clue).

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