15 Dec 2011

Goodbye Exchange KNU

Today was the day on when the final was and to say good bye to fellow exchange students and those Korean buddies who will leave back home for the vacation. The time had gone really fast in Korea. It just seems like yesterday when I wrote the first entry into the blog and now its already time to go.

I hope I will be able to stay in touch with most of my friends and able to meet a few of them in Europe and where ever it will take me in the world. 

I had been given today with another student from France our personal notice to the students off our stay in Korea. I have recall on the old man from the subway on the way to IAAF stadium on whom himself been an exchange student in Germany. I recall his words of language barrier which shall never had been a problem for myself, in which I was false and shown language barriers and learned what it meant to have a language barrier. I had define language barrier in my own words and that it is ok not know any Korean and English to get around S Korea. I been telling the story of the mountain trip to Palgongsang and revering backwards on it what I have improved from this journey. 

There was also presentation on the students who won a bit of cash to travel around Korea on there special route - it was nice to hear on where they had been going and on what they had done. 

Later in the night we had been given certificates of attendance and got ready to go to a bar in town for a few drinks of those who did not yet needed to catch a flight back home. 

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