2 Dec 2011

Christmas drawing

The time to Christmas is coming nearer, as mention before its not yet visible in Daegu and Korea. In a few stores there is already advertisement displayed, but it looks more just as a trend then being festive.

Today in the morning hours I had a medical check up in city centre part of my internship which is due to start after this semster. So I was happy that the medical check up was as soon as possible in the morning hours as I did not ate and drink anything for the past 12 hours. 

Later in the day, I just kept sorting out the accommodation to stay in while being in Seoul and later in the afternoon I had the volunteer work in Buku-Youth Centre.

Today we had been decorating a Christmas tree and afterwards ate pizza. I am sure you are curious on what our Christmas tree may look like? Just have view on the left. Yes its not a real Christmas tree but it has all the functions of a Christmas tree with decoration of sweets and balls.

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