9 Dec 2011


Its Friday and its my birthday. I am really happy to celebrate mine birthday in S Korea. It adds some value on being here, as in the next years I will always experience UK or German style birthday. I believe also as older I will get the less fun the birthday parties would be - rather then just having coffee and cake. 

I greeted my friends at the North Gate for lunch and we had some good time together. I try to avoid to walk by fountains and lakes, as my birthday is just not in a good month to be thrown in one of them. Even I had mention I wanted to have the full experience on my birthday. 

Some of my friends still had classes or needed to study, so we stay not all to long in the restaurant. With other friends who did not need to go yet, I had some talks with them while walking along the campus and other I meet between there classes. Later on myself I needed to go to they Youth centre for volunteer work. It would be the last one today. I already could notice that the time has gone by past very quickly since arriving to Korea. 

We had a small farewell party in the Youth centre and been presented our certificates and provided a calender and video to memorize the good times. "We will never forget you" - had been the slogan of the children. It was a really great experience to volunteer abroad. 

In the evening we token a walk back to campus and meet up with my friends and more who had been invited by there friends for a small birthday party in one of the bars at the North Gate. It had been great that many of my friends come along to the party - even they had been busy with preparation for next week final exams. 

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