17 Dec 2011

Last Day in Daegu

The time is now getting to the end. One more sleep and I will sit on the bus to Seoul. Today I also need to move into my new room or old room on which I stay before when coming to Daegu. I have moved all my belongings from top floor to the other top floor. I was lucky to meet few of my friends who quickly helped me to move my stuff and I could give them some left overs such as all the cloth hangers. Otherwise they may end up in the bin or so.

I had a few appointments with friends, to say good bye and wish them luck for the their future. I hope I will be able to meet them again somewhere on this planet. As they also needed to move there belongings and moved back home and it was only me left on campus I decided to go into the town to say good bye. In some strange reason also thought of visiting the cinema and later two other friends joined me who come extra back to Daegu to help me tomorrow to bring me to the bus terminal in the morning. These friends I don't need to say good bye as I am confident I will manage to see them in Europe. As they will join two university, one which is where I am from, Northumbria and the other is Pecs (Hungary) closer to Krakow which would be my next stop after Seoul.

On the way back to the campus we walked into our other friend, who is just on the way to Taiwan. So we decided to go for a coffee at late at night, which was not easy to find one open. Its a bit strange for Korea, but I guess due now all students are gone and only a few are left. There was one still open which served cold coffee only. Why not at night time and close to end of December to have a cold coffee in the first coffee shop we went together in the beginning and to find our drawings in the archives of the store. 

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