16 Dec 2011

IVF Farwell

Today was the farewell event of IVF - we had meet up for lunch together. You can notice on whom was an active member to IVF all of those who come for lunch too. I guess this type of culture stays the same across the globe. It was nice to have some lunch in one of the local restaurants near the university. We had the opportunity to eat some nice food and have lovely discussion. 

We went then for a coffee and tea in the nearby coffee shop on whom still was open for business for the people who work and live around. As the others had been closed due the majority of student left the university already.  I had to solve a few issues in the university before I return back to the IVF meeting.

We then formerly said good bye in the church building of KNU and token final pictures together and I manage to get the group picture of IVF to remember on the good time we had together, even so I did not understood a word of Korean. I had been happy that they just integrated me into the group and token me to the trip "Happy Camp". I hope that more foreign students will join IVF in KNU and maked great Korean friends for life.

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