5 Dec 2011


Today I have taken a bit of rest. As the class for Strategic Mangement had been postponed. I used also this time to prepare for the final examination and sort out the accommodation in Seoul. I had decided to stay in a homestay family - the cost would be similar as staying in a hostel for a month and actually a bit more. Due in the host family I don't need to be worried of anything, I will get breakfast and dinner. On top of it I may will learn more about Korean culture, as I will stay past the lunar new year period. I guess I look more forward to it then starting the internship. It shall be one of the highlights of the next year (2012).

Other then that I had a walk around the campus and been amazed on how fast the Korean workers are working. They have completed the new street really fast - I thought it would be finish next year. Koreans are really fast workers.

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