25 Aug 2012


How far do you must travel out the city to reach country side? When I had been in Korea on the train to Daegu for the first time I though that this must be still Seoul even so we reached soon Daejeon half across the nation already. Whereas here in Newcastle upon Tyne either get on the bus or train and in within 10minutes you are out and about somewhere in the countryside. 

I mostly do not understand why Wylam is not on the tour guide book listed, maybe its also ok for me so it stays calm and quiet rather hundreds of travellers in a small village. Other people may pass the village to fast with there cycle without knowing they just gone through Wylam as the cycle track is laid out to run outside the village, like a busy car road which is build outside the towns (bypass). The main two attractions on visit is the George Stephenson Birth house and the old railway bridge. Inside the villages there is a few coffee houses and Pubs to relax before continuing the journey onwards towards the West coast or East cost (depending from which side you came). 

It is surely a great day out by bike from Newcastle upon Tyne if you follow the cycle track 72 towards Hexham.

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